Internet of Things (IoT) means an increasing variety of devices inside a modern building are becoming IP-enabled and connecting to your network. We've gone beyond computers, printers and phones and now see devices like CCTV cameras, door access pads, intercoms, digital signage, point of sale devices, security alarms, fire panels, noise-masking, wireless access points, and countless other devices all may be connected to your IP network. Those devices need to be reliably connected with low-voltage cabling. Some of them may even be powered through it!

Cabling is the foundation of your IP network. It has to be robust, reliable and address all your needs and at the same time, adhere to the building codes and standards and the requirements of the implementation. Poorly done, cabling can reduce all your other technological investments to zero. With OptiNet’s low-voltage cabling services, you don’t have to worry about anything. We have years of experience with copper and fiber-optic cabling. Our technicians are experts in all aspects of cabling and maintain certifications from multiple leading manufacturers. Plus, as a company we are well-versed with the regulatory requirements. With our low-voltage cabling services, you get the best network and experience, on time and at affordable prices.

We also have significant expertise in single and multi-mode fiber-optic cabling installations. We can pull, splice, terminate, test and certify fiber-optic cable in nearly any environment, indoor or outdoor. Our technical crew has the knowledge, experience and tools to get this sensitive infrastructure installed right, providing you the high speed, long distance connectivity you need.