You have worked hard to build your business and brand, but all of that can be wiped out with a single security lapse. Whether it is damage to or theft of your physical property such as hardware or your data, it can prove fatal to your business. Ensuring only authorized personnel have access is the core to keeping your property and data safe. Physical and mechanical security measures like guards and locks are great, but obviously not enough in today’s world. OptiNet offers integrated security solutions to help combat the modern-day security risks and support your safety, security, restricted access and monitoring requirements.

Securing your property and data with Optinet’s integrated security solutions is easy. We offer:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Perimeter security
  • Door access control
  • CCTV solutions
  • Video management systems

No matter how small or large your security requirement is, whether it is about making a small, compatible addition to your existing system, or bringing a new one onboard, we can help.

We also understand that a fully secure workspace involves using multiple kinds of security systems, each with varying needs. We have strong partnerships with leading security solutions manufacturers, so we bring you the best in the industry. Plus, backed by almost two decades of experience, we are in a position to tailor our offerings for our clients to ensure you end up with the right combination of security devices and systems.

Our integrated security specialists work with our clients to design solutions, install them and provide ongoing support and maintenance. Whatever your need, we've got you covered!